demos (2014​-​2017)

by TV Blonde

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heres a collection of unreleased demos, remixes, and joints.

Lyrics of the song are just going to give a brief description of the song so check that out! enjoy!


released April 1, 2017

s/o onitram



all rights reserved


TV Blonde Los Angeles, California

I am the number 1 most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh, Walt Disney, Nike, Google.


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Track Name: 10-19-16 fallin
this song was written in 2016 about a girl i had a crush on who was playing with me but i still was hella sprung, literally the smallest embarrassing things i did killed me. this song, the pax flip and trippin are mostly all inversions of originally the pax flip.
Track Name: i really like yew
I was listening to alot of d'angelo....

i added a bassline though and a flute at the mid beat break away
Track Name: 1-16-17 idk
this was originally for an upcoming project im working on but i recently went back to it and completely change everything about the song i really only left the little notes the flutter in and out...youll see that soon..
Track Name: 3-16-17 tides
was listening to a lot of cortex one day and tried to make a full instrumental song so i made this, bass, rhodes, juno60 synth, and thats about it i sampled the drums though lol i tried to do alot of the mixing and effects used around 70s era rock. bass line was inspired by d'angellooo mainly on voodoo.
Track Name: 2-25-16 SABROSO
I was playing a show and needed to have alooot more fun songs so i made this using a peruvian sample i dont even remember what it was and i felt danny fit so nice on this (idc if theres 100000 flips of this song)
Track Name: bitchwegonlivelikthisoutlast
this was originally called knxwledge type beat i jokingly made but idk... its kinda cool lol
Track Name: 10-14-16 pax flip aka far away
pax sent me this a while ago before he dropped it on his tape or soundcloud i was hella simping real hard on this over a girl that was pretty far away from me... we kinda felt had somthing but nothing happened with it but i still cared

I added a bass line some little fx and some keys and lil bit of percussion
Track Name: 6-1-15 onetwo3four
made this after i finished my moments EP i wanted to drop a house tape which is funny cuz i didnt even end up dropping a tape like that at all and this was a joint i had in the works for that EP
oh well.. maybe soon
Track Name: 5-6-15 fucking_bored
2014 giraffage type pomo type beat....
Track Name: 6-26-16 chico
was hella experimenting with this one right ere' i think this sample was peruvian but im not 100% sure... anyways was up at 4AM trying to make a really fun hype ass song so
Track Name: 3-5-17 piano_song
was really fucking sad and just started playing piano and made this lololol..
Track Name: white christmas
had to make somthing for the holla dayz the acapella was from a bright eyes white christmas song i used to listen to this song so much in high school so...
Track Name: 3-17-17 roll
this was the day after i made that tides song and i was bumping todd rundgren all day which lead to me making this song the only sample in this song are the drums, i started building on that 70s mixing sounds and messed with compressors so much this day and made the drums super low.... but it still sucks but i love it
Track Name: 5-15-16 vine_bump
this was in a old vine of a guy shooting a basketball in slow motion hella dudes were asking "song?" i sampled robert glasper probably
Track Name: 12-22-14 TPAINFLIP
alright... this ones really old...i made this is my film class i think i was getting ready to play my first show and this song actually had hella people bompin i think this was the best song i made at the time.
Track Name: 7-6-16 hiddit
forgot why i made this oh well..
Track Name: 8-24-16 girl
ya already kno tha sample... my home girl belinda was in love with this song so i had to put it in here
Track Name: 11-12-16 trippin
this was the last song i made from fallin and the pax flip, this was probably the final version of that writing. I think i came in terms that i really hate this girl but im so attatched to her and i dont even know if she knows how i feel despite me being blatantly obvious to her and tripped so much over, and she so dumb she didnt even realize oh well, i ended up hating her and kinda making it obvious i dont wanna be her friend anymore but secretly i have the hugest crush ever on her. I cant beleive i tripped so hard over this girl at first i was telling myself it was nothing but literally every thought of her fucked me up so bad lol. starting with i dont trip to much over this girl and ending with i trip way too much over this girl was pretty much admiting to my feelings for her and making this song actually helped me cope alot with it... i still have her blocked on like everything ever though. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahsafiahofd
Track Name: 6-2-16 grind_flip
a classic ass joint tho... had 2 flip
Track Name: 11-29-16 sheshomeless_jungleflip
made this literally days before my release party for my changes EP and needed more hype songs to not make the audience fall asleep lol
Track Name: 12-20-16 shehasmynumbr
made this after realizing this really pretty girl has my number and is texting and sending me...things..
Track Name: 11-17-15 do u still care?
I made this really fucking long ago i wrote it after somthing i dont even remember trying to connect with this girl this was one of the first times i sang over my electronic songs, the very ending was inspired by the ending of that nosaj thing chance the rapper song haha..
Track Name: 12-22-14 downtown ramen
blatantly trying to be DJ Harrison hahahahahah probably the oldest joint i have i made posted it a while ago on drumloop and removed it, originally i saved it for a project but nothing ever ended up happening this was the first time i started playing all my keys on shit i think probably
Track Name: 10-26-16 onitram-themesong
this never ended up getting mixed mastered or anything or even getting finished but i love this joint so much s/o sam
Track Name: yellow (probably gonna make this the outro trak)
made this at 4am not being able to sleep and this song was exactly how i felt